Advantages of Dermaplaning for Smooth, Healthy Skin - Square One Salon and Spa

June 29 2021

The skin on your face is not only sensitive, but it sometimes needs some extra attention. Between exposure to the elements, mask-wearing, and the harsh summer sun, you may notice that your skin isn’t as bright and healthy-looking as it used to be. All of these factors, on top of the vellus hair on your face, can cause clogged pores, which trap the natural oils in your skin, causing dull, dry acne-prone skin. To revitalize your skin, our dermaplaning treatments at Square One Salon can revitalize your skin for glowing, radiant skin all summer long.

No matter how often you cleanse your face, there’s a coating of dead skin cells that can cause your skin to appear dull and dry. Regular cleaning won’t remove this layer – you need a professional to exfoliate your skin safely and effectively. As well, almost all women have tiny, barely visible facial hair called “peach fuzz.” This peach fuzz also leads to clogged skin pores and makes it difficult for makeup to blend properly.

What is Dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a professional exfoliating treatment that effectively removes the layer of dead skin cells found on your skin as well as the fine, vellus hair – aka “peach fuzz” hair – while encouraging your skin to produce healthy replacement cells for soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin. A medical-grade, straight scalpel tool is used to gently stroke the face to exfoliate and remove vellus hair from the epidermis layer of the skin. This process allows better penetration of moisturizers and serums to the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, diminish the signs of aging, reduce acne breakouts & scarring, and even skin tone. Your Square One esthetician is skillfully trained in the art of dermaplaning for safe, effective results.

Dermaplaning vs Microdermabrasion. Many people mistakenly think that dermaplaning is the same as microdermabrasion. Although microdermabrasion is an effective exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells, it will not remove peach fuzz hair. The process of microdermabrasion is to create abrasion, pressure, and suction to leave you with a smooth, exfoliated face.

Will my vellus hair grow back thicker? This is a common question during dermaplaning and the answer is – no! When you shave, you probably notice that your hair grows back thicker and darker. That’s because shaving doesn’t remove hair at the root and the hair on your body is thicker than facial peach fuzz. Vellus hair is finer than the hair on the rest of your body and will not change as it grows back. With each dermaplaning treatment, you will get soft, smooth skin.

Benefits of Dermaplaning. There are a variety of advantages to regular dermaplaning treatments, including:

  • Removal of fine, vellus hair
  • Easier application and blending of makeup
  • Soft, smooth skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Decrease of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smaller, less visible pores
  • Diminished acne scarring
  • Radiant, healthy-looking skin
  • Increase in skin rejuvenation with improved cell replacement and boosted collagen production.

Perhaps one of the best benefits of all is that your dermaplaning appointment will give you time to relax and de-stress from your day. Because there is no downtime, you can come in on your lunch break and leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Do I need both a facial and dermaplaning? Both of these treatments can be a standalone option. However, dermaplaning is even more effective when accompanied by professional facial treatment. Ask your Square One esthetician if both services are recommended for your skin type and needs.

No matter your age or skin type, dermaplaning can help renew your skin. Make an appointment at any of our Square One Salon locations (all locations offer spa services except for Oak Street). You can book online or call or visit one of our Ohio locations directly.